Medical Quality Department

Medical Quality Department
Overview: While quality is a common standard and denominator for products and services, it is gaining a new dimension and importance in healthcare services, due to its direct impact on human life. Maintaining high standards in healthcare delivery faces difficult challenges, especially as patients are becoming more aware of their rights and privileges, and many hospitals are looking to apply comprehensive quality management to be used to develop and improve their business. This program is therefore designed to provide participants with the basics and concepts of medical quality management, training in the latest quality tools, providing innovative technologies and methods to improve the delivery of services in healthcare centers, and to develop and enhance their expertise in quality management in hospitals.

The program deals with five main themes:
Axis 1: Introduction to Quality Assurance
●Quality in health care
● Quality standards in health care
●Quality assessment methods
●Continuous quality improvement and quality assurance skills training

Axis 2: Comprehensive quality management in hospitals
●Concept and principles of comprehensive quality management
● Establishment and management of quality in hospitals
●Comprehensive quality management functions at the hospital
●Marketing strategies for hospitals
●Comprehensive quality applications in hospitals
● Measure and improve hospital quality performance

Axis 3: Comprehensive quality systems and information management in health institutions
●Quality system standards in health care
●Concepts of using ISO 9001/2015 to develop quality in hospitals and health centres
●Sigma6 concept and its relationship to quality
●JCI Standards of Quality of Health Service

4th Axis: Applying Comprehensive Medical Quality Management
●Barriers to the application of comprehensive quality management
● Identify the stages of the application of comprehensive quality management
●Quality indicators in health care
● Comprehensive quality management applications in the Arab world and internationally
●App on iso standard specification 9001/2015

5th Axis: Quality Assessment in the Health Sector
●Measure healthy quality
●Quality assessment in hospital performance
● Analysis of the satisfaction of doctors, patients and staff and its role in improving quality
●Study and analysis of quality costs

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