Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism
Tourism is a major global industry, a major force affecting the world's economy, and to benefit from tourism, and its use to support the economy of countries, must always be monitored, developed, and marketed using modern marketing methods, where this program is designed to provide you with full knowledge to understand the tourism, travel, needs and expectations of tourists, and satisfaction with them. It will also qualify you for a career in this sector.

Program content:
The program will address an explanation of the following points and axes:

1. Introduction to tourism and its types

2- Tourism countries and their capitals + the language of tourism

3- Explain how to book an airline ticket

4- Hotel reservations

5- The way to book a hotel online

6. Types of hotel rooms

7- Airport-to-hotel transfers and booking method

8- How to book a full trip for the customer

9- How to book a hotel professionally

10- Organizing a full tour

11- How to send an email to the hotel

12. Qualities of a successful employee

13- The way to write a full tourist program and send it to the customer 

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