Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department
Human discoveries in chemistry have led to dramatic changes in our history, where chemistry is the building block of existence, and is associated with many fields, sciences and industries, and the chemistry specialty consists of four main branches: organic chemistry, inorganic, analytical and physical. Our chemistry program gives you preliminary and basic knowledge of chemistry in all theoretical, scientific, practical, and laboratory aspects, and will provide you with the expertise and skill needed to work in laboratories, and a range of industries such as manufacturing, science, agriculture, etc...

Program content:

In the chemistry program, we will address a range of units on the foundations of chemistry, chemical elements, their interactions, modern chemistry, and how to work within chemical laboratories:

1- The foundations of chemistry

2-Measuring chemical elements

3- Characteristics and balance of materials

4- Real and ideal gases

5- Thermal chemistry

6-Chemical reactions

7. Metabolism and cellular engineering

8-Interactive general chemistry technology

9-Proper use of laboratory equipment

10. The theory and practice of methods used in the chemistry laboratory

11. Separation and purification of organic compounds

12-Standard wet chemical methods


14- Research topics in modern chemistry

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