Industrial Project Management Department

Industrial Project Management Department
No matter how big or small your industrial project is, you need to know the foundations, concepts and tools of managing this project that will help you manage your project professionally and distinctively. This programme is therefore designed to cover both theoretical and practical aspects of industrial project management, practices and tools, and will learn about leadership skills and team building, which are an important part of project management. This program will also uniquely qualify you for the labor market, not only will it give you comprehensive foundations in this field, but will develop your skills to critically evaluate new ideas and master the art of strategic project.

A look at the content of the program:

1- Managing the location and scope of the industrial project

2- Production Management

3- Internal planning of the factory

4- Planning for production machines

5- Managing the materials for the project

6- Personnel management

7- Analysis and oversight

8- The moral and social responsibilities of managing the industrial project

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