Department of Medical Sciences - Nursing

Department of Medical Sciences - Nursing
Nursing specialization aims to prepare male and female nurses for the purpose of practicing the profession of nursing to preserve the health of individuals, prevent and treat diseases, in addition to improving the lifestyle of the individual and society in application of the latest foundations of teaching, scientific training, implementation, care, research, and management

Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of theory, practice, and implementation of business decisions in nursing, so that the curriculum contains the following materials:


1- Internal and surgical nursing: It is a specialized field of nursing concerned with the care of adult patients in a wide range of conditions. It is the backbone of nursing majors.


2- Nutrition and Biochemistry: The results of biochemistry are used primarily in medicine, and it is concerned with studying the chemical composition of cell parts in various organisms. Biochemistry is the point of intersection between chemistry and biology.


3- Nutrition: It is the science that explains the relationship of food with the activities of living things. This includes eating food, eliminating waste products, release of energy from the body, and synthesis processes.


4- Biochemistry: It is described as the science of life chemistry due to the link between biochemistry and life. This field has focused on researching chemical reactions within living organisms of all kinds.


5- Anatomy: is concerned with the study of the shape and structure of living organisms and their parts. Anatomy is inherently associated with embryology, comparative anatomy, and evolutionary biology.


6- Parasites: It is the science concerned with studying the types of parasites and their relationship with the host body.


7- Pharmacology and pharmacology: the study of chemical compounds with a therapeutic effect and the way drug compounds interact with living bodies to produce a therapeutic effect

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