Department of Oil Laboratories

Department of Oil Laboratories
Oil laboratories have been established to conduct analyses on all oil derivatives and are constantly updated to keep pace with the latest international specifications. The laboratories aim to provide laboratory analysis services, provide technical consultations in the oil industry, and conduct research and studies that contribute to the development of the oil industry. This program is designed to identify oil industries in terms of training, extraction and processing, and to contribute to the rehabilitation of national cadres and to develop their technical and practical capabilities in this field.

Program themes:

1- Crude oil (installation - production)

2- Crude oil processing and the impact of crude oil quality

3- Crude oil selection strategy

4- Crude oil inspection - data interpretation

5- Crude oil inspection

6- Product quality data

7- Distillation curve

8- Blending crude oil

9- Principles and rules of mixing

10- Crude oil compatibility

11- Raw oil pollutants

12-  Instability of the asphalt

13- Crude oil assessment

14- Impact on processing units

15- Unit capacity calculation

16- Product quality assessment

17- Risk management

18- Blending Matrix

19- Compatibility Matri

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