Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Islamic Studies
There is no doubt now that there is an increased need for religious and Islamic cadres to provide the world with qualified competencies capable of inviting people to Islamic Law through a broad Islamic background and a deep understanding of the faith, to explain and interpret many of the legitimate issues of concern to Muslims. This program provides you with comprehensive and necessary information in Islamic sciences that qualifies you to understand, analyze and judge reality legally, and provide you with the knowledge and skills that help you understand Islamic law, and the origins of Islamic jurisprudence properly, if you are interested in calling to God, and understanding the right understanding of your faith and religion, this program is right for you.

محتوى البرنامج:


1- مقدمة في الفقه الإسلامي


2- العقيدة الإسلامية ومفهومها وأسسها


3- إعجاز القرآن الكريم


4. أصول الفقه


5- فقه العبادة / فقه السيرة / فقه الأسرة


6. قضايا فقهية معاصرة


7- التعرف على علوم القرآن والحديث

8. الدعوى الإسلامية ومناهجها وأصولها وطرقها


9- تفاسير العديد من النصوص القرآنية والأحاديث النبوية


10- حفظ بعض النصوص القرآنية ، وإقرار إتقان التلاوة


11. مهارات الإمامه والخطابة


12. السياسة الشرعية

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