About the College

We are a European independent college institution geographical location, culture, and scientific method and obtained accreditation and licensing from the United States government under its license number ( 6994742).Diana Global University was established at the beginning of 2020 as an institution concerned with higher education and distance learning , with the contribution of a group of qualified scientific cadres in cooperation with a group of founding fathers in the field of open and distance education, they believe in the necessity of civilized interaction between peoples.

Vision & Mission


A leading global university in the outcomes of human, technical education and attention to its quality, in accordance with the European online approach and an emerging World environment.


Clear learning goals for the programme and individual courses, describing expected student competences at the end of the programme A curriculum that reflects the newest international knowledge within the disciplines of the programme An administration and campus facilities that optimally support the students’ learning and personal development Measurement and follow up on the realization of the intended learning goals, with regular and systematic feedback to the programme committee and course responsible.

Great news! iformation documents have been approved by the State

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