Media Department - Modern Media

Media Department - Modern Media
The term modern media is a recent term, and it has changed the old means of communication, and developed it significantly, where the integration of different media, and these media have become international . It has multiple names such as digital media, interactive media, network media, information media, etc. Thanks to this great development in the field of media, modern media tools such as the Internet, websites, social networks, etc. have emerged... People have become dependent on them to learn the news, gather information. This development has required more professionals, specialized and well-trained staff to deal with these evolving means of the modern media world.

Study plan:

It will consist of five axes:

1- Media and its development and types: In this article we will study the following topics: 

-The evolution of the media

-Types of media

-Media and communication theories

-Communication skills

-Information technology

2- Online content industry: the digital content industry, which is the process of generating ideas for a target audience, for the purpose of interacting on the Internet, in order to achieve the goal of this content. We will study this theme:

-Content writing rules

-Choose content

-Online audience trends

-Publishing (appropriate platforms, distribution of publishing)

-Content management

-Determine the appropriate format for content

3- Social networks: or Social Media, which is a part of our lives, through which it displays products, services, ideas and any content aimed at the interaction of the public. With this theme, we will learn about the most popular social media programs such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we will also address the following topics:

-Social media management tools 

-The basics of communication site announcements

-Increased interaction on sites

-Distributing content on social networks, evaluating different content distribution tools

4- Data Journalism is a modern journalistic practice, which aims to highlight the increasing role of digital data in producing a simplified visual presentation of data that is easy for the public to absorb. We will address this theme: 

-Find data Data validation 

-Cleaning data Data analysis

-Design interactive visual content

5. Multimedia content production: a science based on multimedia recruitment and digital content production, as many institutional companies today need qualified multimedia producers, as well as educational and training institutions that need digital production for education to provide digital educational content. We will study this area: 

Media platforms

Production of media product

Write a personal blog

YouTube channel established

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