Department of Human Resources Management

Department of Human Resources Management
Human resources are defined as processes that organize, direct, plan and monitor all personnel affairs for their development and maintenance. The specialization of human resources is the basis of any company, where it focuses on recruitment and informing employees of the instructions and laws of the company or organization, i.e. it serves as the organizational structure of the company that focuses on training employees, and combining the best competencies of the company to achieve the best results and seek high quality in the company It is considered one of the new disciplines and has increased its importance to the rapid technological development, especially in the fields of business administration and institutions. Hence this program was designed to develop the human resources first Powell, and keep up with the latest findings of the labor market

Now let's get to know the detailed study plan for human resources management:

1- Human resources (personnel management): is the planning, organization, guidance and control of the human element in the company or institution. We study in this axis:

-Access to human resources management

-Human resources management responsibilities

-Responsibility and role of human resources manager

2- Recruitment and personnel: Getting a highly qualified workforce and putting the right man in the right place is one of the first tasks of human resources managers, so we will study this topic:

-How to select employees and evaluate their performance 

-Choose the perfect employee

- Personal interview techniques, types, skills and decision-reaching

 -Job description for each job

- Motivating staff

- Motivation alais theories

-Setting up a wage system

3- Development and training: The most important thing for human resources managers is to train and develop the company's employees, whether to qualify them for an administrative role, or to solve any problem in the performance of employees. Such as training sessions or mentoring and awareness sessions for employees. So we'll study this theme:

-Training and development of human resources

-Design an effective training program

-Establishing programs to develop executive leadership 

-Developing training systems 

-Identifying the company's training needs

-Social responsibility for the company 

-Appreciation and reward

-Participation and future planning of the company

4-The organization of human resources management:  Corporate and institutional organizational structures reflect the decisions made for the workflow, as well as the regulatory communication channels between individuals and business groups, as regulatory structures are a powerful source for companies to organize themselves to operate in an orderly and smooth manner. We'll study this section:

-Preparing organizational structures for the company 

-Evaluation of organizational structures 

-The benefits of regulatory structures

-Models of organizational structures

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