Department of Law - Organized Crime

Department of Law - Organized Crime
Organized crime has become a major concern, and it seems to be on the rise. Organized crime networks are multibillion-dollar industries, have connections around the world, and their activities may not be clear to the general public, so we designed this program that looks at the nature and causes of established and emerging organized and emerging organized criminal groups and activities, global and contemporary issues such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, money laundering, corruption, etc... The focus will be on the networks of criminals involved in these crimes, their ability to move between territories, and the factors that facilitate and shape crime. You can enhance your knowledge and career prospects with this program that will provide you with unique topics.

Course overview:

1. The impact of crime on a global and local organization

2. Analysis of organized crime infiltration and identification of tools and skills

3. Airport interception and risk assessment techniques

4. Interview and search for people

5. Drug investigation

6. Money laundering and financial crimes

7. Human trafficking

8. Smuggling migrants

9- Examination of security documents

10. How organized crime organizations communicate

11. Measures to deter criminal activities

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