Department of Medical Sciences - Radiology

Department of Medical Sciences - Radiology
Department of Medical Sciences - Radiology is one of the branches of medical sciences at Diana Intel University in Britain. It awards bachelor's, master's and professional doctorate degrees in the field of medical sciences - radiology The Faculty is committed to applying all the laws and regulations of the UK as well as the executive rules and the administrative and technical procedures adopted by the Government of the UK.

Subjects included in the radiology curriculum:

  • nuclear medicine
  • Therapeutic Radiology
  • Human anatomy
  • Radioisotopes
  • Gamma rays                             


Future career for radiology specialization:


The first is the clinical or clinical path, in which graduates work in hospitals but have to specialize in a very delicate field such as CT or X-ray.



The second: the academic track, where male and female students choose to complete postgraduate studies and obtain master's and doctoral degrees in the field in order to become professors in universities.



The third: the companies track, where students choose to work in major companies specialized in the field, which produce medical devices and equipment such as Samsung.

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