Mr. Nasser Hamad Ibrahim Al-Safrani, was awarded a professional master certificate in the field of "Business Administration"

Diana Intl College announced the awarding of a professional Master certificate in the field of "Business Administration" to Mr. Nasser Hamad Ibrahim Al-Safrani.

during a public discussion conducted by the University and in coordination with the British Accreditation Body EB JAS, After submitting a research entitled "The relationship between engineering management and business Administration" which all the conditions were met, it was evaluated by the High Management Committee with very good rating, which qualified him to obtain a professional master certificate.

Mr. Nasser Hamad Ibrahim Al-Safrani, has contributed to raising his skills and knowledge in his field of specialization, and proved his efficiency in more than one place.

The granting of this certificate comes from the belief of Diana Intl College in creating an incentive towards giving and a drive towards work, by providing the basis of technical knowledge, and creating new skills to suit economic and social growth, by granting an opportunity to teach through professional professional programs, stressing that the certificate will not only be limited to academics, but also given to those who have the determination and the will to learn new skills and prove competence in their field.

Mr. Nasser Hamad Ibrahim Al-Safrani is a Libyan national, holds a bachelor's degree in business economics with a good grade from Qaryounis University and holds a bachelor's degree in engineering management with excellent rating.

Positions held by:
- He is currently deputy director of the Bank of the Republic, with 23 years of experience in this area. He previously worked:
- Assistant Director of Equipment Management at the regional level of the Bank of the Republic
- Employee of the virtue device
- Accountant in administrative affairs and staff in the virtue project with 3 years of experience
- Director of personnel department at the Ministry of Housing and Facilities at the conference with 5 years of experience
- Registrar-General of the Conference for approximately one year

Courses passed by Mr. Nasser:
- A course on currency and document fraud
- Cycle around Bazal 1 and Bazal 2
- Computer courses
- Course in foreign relations
- A course on manager management
A course on money laundering.

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