Mr. Dheyaa yaseen Abbood has been awarded with an honorary doctorate degree in the field of "Holistic Health"

Diana Intl College, has announced the awarding of an honorary doctoeate degree in the field of "Holistic Health" to Mr. Dheyaa yaseen Abbood.

after reviewing his scientific degrees and experience certificates, during a public discussion conducted by the college and in coordination with the British accreditation body EB JAS, which arranged for him to be awarded an honorary doctorate degree .

Mr. Dheyaa yaseen Abbood, has contributed to raising the rates of performance and knowledge in his field of specialization and proved his efficiency in more than one place.

And that this honor comes from the belief of Diana Intl College in creating an incentive for giving and a drive to work, stressing that the honor will not be limited only to officials and those with scientific and educational competencies, but will extend its impact to those who have assumed responsibility in spreading science and knowledge and who provided services to society in various fields and proved Their efficiency.

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