"Diana Global University announced the award of a Professional Master to Mr. BEJI MOEZ."

Diana International University announced the granting of a professional master’s degree to Mr. Al-Moez Al-Baji, in the field of “Civil and Structural Engineering Laboratory,” based on the recommendation of the discussion committee on the research he submitted entitled: The effect of treating clay soil with lime on the properties of compaction.
The committee recommended granting him this certificate for his ability to present and analyze the subject according to scientific and academic standards to an excellent degree.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Moez Al-Baji is a civil and structural engineering laboratory technician with 25 years of experience, where he supervised the completion of many projects at the Center for Experiments and Building Technologies.
He also served as a laboratory manager for 9 years with the engineering consulting office PACE, during which a project worth 150 million dinars was completed.
He then served as laboratory director at the Djiboutian Road Agency for three years, during which many projects were completed and a team of technicians was formed.
Currently, he works as a laboratory director at the Saudi Engineering Consulting Office SAOUDI TECH

Diana International University wishes Mr. Al-Moez Al-Baji prosperity and lasting success.