Department of non-surgical aesthetic treatments

Department of non-surgical aesthetic treatments
Diana Intl College gives its students the opportunity to study non-surgical aesthetic treatments professional (BA, MA, PhD)

Materials included in the curriculum



  • Anatomy of the facial muscles and identification of the muscles causing motor wrinkles
  • Treating the wrinkles of the upper third of the face with botox
  • Treating so-called rabbit wrinkles
  • Treat neck wrinkles
  • Treating a gummy smile
  • Treating hyperhidrosis
  • Treatment of rosacea in the cheeks
  • Treatment of cataract fess.
  • Nefertiti Nick Lift
  • Treating neck wrinkles
  • Meso Botox.
  • Treating the masseter muscles
  • Slimming the face with botox.
  • Treatment of lower eyelid wrinkles.
  • Address the smoker lines
  • The different types of botox and the differences between them.
  • Botox complications and their management.



  •  Learn about the various methods of injecting fillers
  •  Filler lips
  •  Filler below the eye
  •  Blush filler
  •  Filler injection with Texas technology
  •  Filler injection to modify the shape of the nose
  •  Filler injection laugh lines
  • Filler injection into the temple area.
  • Filler injections to raise the eyebrow.
  • Hand filler injection.
  • Filler injection into the chin.
  • ️ Filler injection to the Al-Maqtab area
  • Filler injection with cannula.
  • The technique of treating more than one area of ​​the face at the same time.
  •  Facial proportioning with filler injection.
  •  Cases when filler injection should be avoided
  • complications of injection of filler and method of management.  



(Its definition, components, properties of the chemicals that make up mesotherapy, its types according to the sites of injection in areas of the body)

  •  Learn about meso, its components and types
  •  Learn about the injection method and the appropriate injection depth for each area and case
  •  Using mesotherapy to treat hair loss
  •  Using meso to freshen the skin
  •  Using miso to dissolve fat
  •  Using the Dermapen device with the miso (its importance and how to use it for each area of ​​the face)
  • Sharing Mesotherapy with Fillers and Botox.
  • Optimal use of Mesotherapy.
  • Contraindications to use.
  • Mixtures and their management.


PRP-rich plasma

  • The best way to draw blood while preserving platelets
  •  Use of flatulence to separate platelets from the blood
  •  Plasma injection methods by region
  •  Facial plasma injection
  •  Plasma injection into the scalp
  • The difference between preparing different types of plasma.
  • PRP Matrix.
  • Contraindications to plasma application.
  • Mixtures and their management.
  • Treating dark circles.
  • Sharing with Mesotherapy in various applications.


  •  Cases of using thread tensioners
  •  Situations in which you should avoid threading
  •  How to use thread tensioners
  • Different types of threads.
  • Facelift techniques.
  • Eyebrow lift techniques.
  • Neck lift techniques.
  • Possible complications and their management mechanism.
  • Contraindications.
  • Ideal cases for threading.
  • Instructions to be adhered to after applying the strings.


Plasmage device

  • The importance of the Plasmage device and how to use it
  • Lift the upper and lower eyelids using Plasmage
  • Removal of moles using plasmage
  • Scar treatment
  • Treating sagging skin
  • Processing starch marks.
  • Brow lift.
  • Lip lift.
  • The correct way to use.
  • Contraindications to use.
  • Possible mixtures

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